Need help scheduling port calls during the COVID pandemic?

50+ companies have already benefited from using PortXchang to optimize over 100 000 port calls worldwide

Free access to PortXchange for agencies and terminals

The COVID-19 crisis is creating challenging times for the shipping industry involved in scheduling port calls remotely. To help those affected, together with Inchcape World of Ports, we are making PortXchange available for free in almost 4.500 ports worldwide. Terminals and Agencies can use PortXchange to schedule port calls and share them directly with their port community.

This offer is valid until August 3rd, 2020.

PortXchange for port digitalization

In times like this, you face a lot of challenges.
Remote collaboration shouldn’t be one of them.

Lack of collaboration during port calls operations leads to 30% delays, which result in wasting time, money, and fuel. Getting the right information and communicating updates to many different stakeholders and colleagues may become even more challenging while working remotely. What are you doing about this?

Is this the best way to coordinate your work during a port call?

Spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, number of different systems can significantly slow down your work and increase operational costs. Why do you still use these outdated and inefficient methods?

  • Information discrepancies
  • Delayed or missing updates
  • Poor visibility and predictability of operations
Create a single source of truth to improve information sharing

All-in-one digital collaboration platform for port call optimization

PortXchange provides a centralized platform for sharing real-time data to align all players in the maritime logistics chain. Coordinating your work during a port call has never been easier.

  • Single source of truth for all the parties
  • Real-time updates
  • Common situational awareness and reliable planning

How can you thrive in times of uncertainty with PortXchange?
Efficient collaboration and communication during a port call

More time for services to clients thanks to clear and streamlined communication and fewer telephone calls to ask for updates.

Better terminal capacity utilization by improving turnaround times and reducing waiting times.

PortXchange platform

Stay always in control of port call operations

  • Receive notifications to stay updated on every important change in planning.
  • Receive smart warnings on planning discrepancies for your fleet.
  • Track your fleet GLOBALLY on a map (including satellite AIS).
Get the latest updates in real time
End-to-end port call process visibility

The vessel planner

Manage the planning of deep sea vessels and barges in one place

  • Schedule vessels, barges, and pontoons in a user friendly interface.
  • Share your vessel schedules with your port community in real-time.
  • Collaborate with your team and update your planning remotely.
“Sharing information in an open and honest way is much more useful than just watching over the fence.”


We learned from port communities across the world that the remote working measures that are getting implemented cause problems in scheduling port calls. As both PortXchange and Inchcape World of Ports are committed to optimize port calls and make port call planning easier for port communities, we felt a great vocation to support our industry dealing with these unprecedented times.

Yes, you can. But we would require some additional information from you to make the solution of added value. Please send an email to

Yes, you can. But we would require some additional information from you to make the solution of added value. Please send an email to

For every port that uses PortXchange as a port call optimization tool we sign a manifest with all parties involved to commit to reducing emissions and increasing efficiencies.​

It is very uncertain how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, and how long the measures taken by companies will stay in effect. Therefore, we will offer the tools free-of-charge at least until August 3rd, 2020.

The data (so-called Customer data) that you enter in Vessel planner or Port Insider will be visible to other users within your company (Customer Group) and other users of the tools in the port(s) of your choice.

Other data, such as the World of Ports data or the PortXchange data that you receive in the tooling is provided to you under license from World of Ports and PortXchange, respectively, and the use of that data is bound by the Terms and Conditions of using this service.

All companies using PortXchange in port(s) of your choice will be able to view your information. You also will see all the events shared by other parties in your port. Those events contain the names of the company, so you know exactly who has permission to view and share information.

The quality of information highly depends on the update frequency coming from the participating companies. To generate more accurate information about the planning of a port call, PortXchange combines public data, data retrieved directly from participating companies, and forecasts from AI applications This increases the quality of the information exchange, but doesn’t eliminate the need for all the participants to provide their input.

By sharing the invitation link that you found online, you can invite colleagues and counterparts. Both colleagues and counterparts will need to fill in the request form separately.

The amount of users is not restricted per company.

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Need help scheduling port calls during the COVID pandemic?