Bunkers & Emissions dashboard

Reduce carbon footprint with Just-in-Time sailing

Fuel and emission monitoring and reporting

Reducing CO₂ emissions and fuel consumption is a key priority for the marine industry. But how do you measure your impact?

With PortXchange Bunkers & Emission dashboard, it’s easier than ever. PortXchange provides you with an overview of  bunker consumption, CO₂, and NOx of an inbound movement. In addition,  you can quantify your bunker savings and potential emission reductions immediately.

Just-in-time sailing

Shipping lines

Comply with EU MRV Regulations
Gain full visibility into CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and time at sea to create annual emissions reports hassle-free.

Ensure Just-in-Time arrival
Get sailing speed advice based on the latest PTA updates and monitor savings in real-time from reduced fuel and bunker consumptions.

Port Authorities

Make your port greener
Reduce the amount of time ships spend waiting outside your port and at anchor to decrease ship emissions.