Map & plannning dashboard

Single point of truth for every player in the port community

Live ship tracking with dynamic port call timeline

Information around a port call planning is subject to a long “production line”, where you have to wait on the previous party before making arrangements. This results in information discrepancies and loss of productivity.

With PortXchange, everyone sees the same data at the same time. It provides an overview with the latest information on the vessel location, the completed activities and planned activities, as well as planned berths and estimated/actual time of departure. There is one truth for everyone to streamline intraport communication and optimize the quality of operational processes.

End-to-end port call process visibility

Shipping lines

Arrive to and depart from your port of call always in time to reduce idling, fuel consumption, and turnaround times.

Port Authorities

Use the dashboards to track the operational KPIs and monitor the port's safety and sustainability performance.

Service Providers

Connect the dots in the planning by getting access to accurate information and optimize the allocation of your resources.​


When you see the whole picture, you can exchange vessels faster and more accurately—leading to higher terminal productivity and lower demurrage charges.


Reduce time chasing different actors for their updates, and concentrate on delivering outstanding support to your clients.


Increase visibility and transparency, with immediate access to information about the vessel’s location, direction of travel, speed, and more. ​

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