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With PortScan, you gain actionable insights about your port performance, which you can easily compare to other ports.

Continuously improving the efficiency of your port operations, it’s how you stay ahead of your competitors. But do you really know how other ports perform? With the PortScan, you do!

By using AIS signals, PortScan collects information about the number of visits, visit duration, anchorage percentage, and more for ports all over the world. Just select the port you want to see the statistics for and get your free report.

Get Insights

Gain an objective perspective on your port performance.


Compare your performance with other ports.

Take Actions

Identify your port’s performance gaps and reduce them.

Gain an edge over your competition

Understand your port performance better

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Step 3. Link performance to strategic objectives

Use this report to identify limiting factors wrecking your port’s operational efficiency and uncover hidden opportunities for improvement.

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