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Understand your port performance better
  • Average visit duration
  • Average anchorage duration
  • Anchorage percentage and more

The ultimate report to know what has happened in and around your port

With PortScan, you gain actionable insights about your port performance, that you can use right away.


Port statistics

Amount of vessels
Number of unique vessels
Average length and width
Maximum draught

Trips to port

Where did the vessels came from?
Which route did they take?
How fast did they go?
Did the vessel go for anchor?

Trips in port

Average visit duration
Average anchorage duration
Anchorage percentage
Mooring locations

What will your metrics tell?

Understand your port performance better

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Step 2. Gain your personalized report

After submitting the form, within the next 24 hours, you will receive your personalized report via email. The report is based on AIS data, so it is less granular than when we have a data connection with your port through PortXchange. That’s why our current clients may notice minor discrepancies in the reports.

Step 3. Link performance to strategic objectives

Use this report to identify limiting factors wrecking your port’s operational efficiency and uncover hidden opportunities for improvement.

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PortXchange increases port call
efficiency and reduces global
shipping emissions.


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