Stop guessing.
Start planning.

Discover real-time vessel location and get reliable estimated time of arrival to the destination port.

Why Shiptracker?

Predictions up to 3 weeks in advance

Free live terrestrial and satellite vessel tracking

Generate API key fully online in just a few clicks

Always be prepared for the vessels coming to your port

Any miscalculation in a vessel’s arrival time might lead to significant delays in the entire logistics chain. With Shiptracker, you get reliable arrival times to efficiently plan your operations.

PortXchange for service providers

Service Providers

Get reliable ETAs to proactively plan your services and eliminate unnecessary calls.

PortXchange for terminals


Get real-time information about the vessel’s estimated arrival time to optimize the capacity planning of your terminal.

PortXchange for shipping companies

Freight Forwarders & Operators

Gain real-time vessel visibility and reliable ETA’s to increase your workflow efficiency.

Get Shiptracker ETA API right into your own infrastructure.

Generate the API key in just a few minutes fully online.
€ (EUR)

API 100

Buy 100 credits bundle

Price € 0.049 / credit
ETA per vessel*
ETAs per port**
ATA Port
Online customer support
Auto. credit refill available

API 1000

Buy 1000 credits bundle

Price € 0.045 / credit
ETA per vessel*
ETAs per port**
ATA Port
Online customer support
Auto. credit refill available

API 5000

Buy 5000 credits bundle

Price € 0.041 / credit
ETA per vessel*
ETAs per port**
ATA Port
Online customer support
Auto. credit refill available

(*) ETA per vessel – 4 credits Get latest ETA predictions for a single vessel
(**) ETAs per port – 40 credits Get latest ETA predictions for all vessels going to the port of your choice


Need clarification?

To see all the fields included in the response, please check the API documentation.

We are working on making ETA predictions available globally, but currently, we can send you data only for ports listed here. If your port is not on the list, please email us at, and we will keep you informed when your port becomes available.

Our ETA’s are calculated on every AIS signal update and refreshed every 5 minutes. While the update rate of AIS ranges between 15 minutes to 1 hour.

We currently use AIS and historical data in combination with our Machine learning algorithm.

You can call the service as often as needed. Keep in mind that 1 API call equals 4 credits on a vessel level and 40 credits on a port level.

When does it makes sense to request data on a port level vs vessel level? If you have a need to follow more than 10 vessels for a specific port, it’s more financially beneficial to request data on a port level. Otherwise, request data on the vessel level.

If you want to test the API, we recommend you get 100 credits for as low as €4,95. When you are happy with the data you receive, you can easily upgrade to another credit bundle.

We aimed to cover all your questions in our API documentation, but of course, if you need any assistance, our team is available to help you. Email us at or call during office hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00AM – 5:00PM CET Netherlands:+31 10 808 0634 United States: +1 346-266-2896 We typically reply within one business day.

To check how many credits remain in your plan, go to My account

When credits run out, one of two things will happen depending on your settings: We will charge and replenish your account when you use over 75% of the credits from your last purchase. For example, if you purchased 100 credits, we will renew your account with 100 more credits once you have less than 25 credits remaining.

When you run out of credits, you won’t be able to make API requests. If you haven’t activated auto-renewal, we will send you a series of emails to inform you when you reach 75% of credits from your last purchased bundle. Once you reach zero credits, we will stop sending any information through the API. To avoid disruption, we highly recommend activating the auto-renewal

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