Safe and smooth handling of traffic

A digital platform that allows you to visualize what happens in and around your port

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Make your port safer and manage traffic easier.

With PortXchange Synchronizer Essential you can:



Direct better digital infrastructure in your port and provide extra services to the community.



Get an overview of traffic by visualizing all the incoming and departing vessels on a live map.



Improve planning predictability by getting reliable calculated ETA’s powered by Machine Learning.



Improve connectivity in your port by sharing information with your entire port community in real-time.

How does PortXchange Synchronizer Essential work?

Stay in charge. Gain an overview of what is happening in our port.

Get notified upon vessel arrival.

Apply industry standards and share your planning digitally real-time.

Easily spot planning and execution conflicts to act proactively and make adjustments on time.

Direct better digital infrastructure in your port and provide extra services to the community.

Improve planning predictability by getting calculated ETAs up to 3 weeks in advance

"With PortXchange platform we make verified data accessible to each of the various actors involved in a port call, and we are empowered to make better informed and strategic port call decisions."
Dr. Francisco de los Santos is Chief
Information and Innovation Officer

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