Warnings & Notifications

Always stay in control of your planning

Timely updates for efficient port calls planning

Port calls are dynamic and schedules change continuously. That’s why planning conflicts or delays might occur unexpectedly. If you cannot respond to these changes on time, you will affect the planning of other parties. The cost of one delay cascades down through your entire supply chain.

With PortXchange it’s a breeze to stay up to date with the latest developments. The system notifies you in case of updates and warns of possible conflicts. These warnings arrive during appropriate timeframes to allow for actions.

Shipping lines

Reduce the many person to person calls significantly, and stay well-informed about activities at the destination port.

Port Authorities

When you are able to react quickly to the changing situation, you can better utilize port infrastructure at a lower cost and increase throughput.

Service Providers

Reliable and timely updates allow you to stay flexible and quickly adjust your planning. Your schedule is always fully booked, and you work at full capacity.


As a terminal, you rely heavily on the information provided by shipping agents. Sometimes you receive it too late. With PortXchange, you get more timely updates and you can utilize your quay better.


With PortXchange, you can ensure successful port call visits for your clients and faster turnaround times, even if you have to deal with last minute changes.


Getting the latest updates about the port call automatically, allows you to minimise or avoid the impact of unpredictable and short notice changes in voyage expenses.