EmissionInsider: Pave the way to a zero-emissions port

Track and analyze emissions in and around the port to develop an actionable decarbonization strategy

Implement successful decarbonization strategies

EmissionInsider empowers ports to make better decisions to eliminate emissions from ships, trucks, and rail.

EmissionInsider PortXchange

Develop sustainability programs that drive tangible results

Step 1. Benchmark

Analyze your current footprint

Get to know the emissions of your port’s operations and freight activities by mapping out the top polluting emission sources and hot-spots.

EmissionInsider Benchmark
EmissionInsider Analysis

Step 2. Evaluate

Assess multiple scenarios to cut emissions

Evaluate various “what-if” scenarios to determine their impact on improving air quality before choosing which decarbonization strategies to invest in.

Step 3. Implement

Build the path to a zero-emission port

Make data-driven decisions on what decarbonization initiatives to prioritize. Achieve your decarbonization targets and provide data for corrective actions when needed.

EmissionInsider Implement

How can you benefit from using EmissionInsider?

Use reliable data to prioritize decarbonization initiatives and allocate investments accordingly.

Lead the transition to a greener and more sustainable port and assist your port community to take action.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your environmental policies and sustainability projects.

Inform stakeholders, partners, and the public of emissions reduced.

Track progress toward a zero-emission port.

Key features

All transport-related port emissions (ships, trucks, rail)

Heatmap technology

Top emissions contributors report per modality and facility

Shore power demand analysis per facility

Breakdown of emissions per type (CO2, PM, NOx, SOx, CH4)

Report building and downloads

Integration with 3rd party applications

Why EmissionInsider?

Multi-modal split of emissions

Map out emissions from mobile sources such as ocean-going vessels, harbor vessels, trucks, and locomotives.

Industry standards

EmissionInsider supports multiple methodologies, such as GLEC, SmartWay, French Degree, and Defra, to meet your reporting requirements the best.


EmissionInsider calculations are compliant with ISO 14083, EN 16258, and Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

EmissionInsider was successfully implemented in the Port of Rotterdam to assist decision-making en route to a carbon-neutral port.

“EmissionInsider enables us to use solid data to anticipate concrete improvement opportunities, and we are better able to assess the impact of measures in advance.”

Curious how PortXchange EmissionInsider can help your sustainability team?