Security at PortXchange

We recognize how important it is to help protect privacy and security. We understand that secure products and services are critical in establishing and maintaining trust with our partners and users. We commit to maintain and support the security of our products and services.

Security at PortXchange is taken seriously and involves everyone. Our partners, clients, and our developers. We strongly believe that partnering with the security community will make PortXchange and the Internet safer.

How to Report Security Issues

If you have discovered a vulnerability in any of our products or have a security incident to report, we highly encourage you to submit a report to our public security bug-bounty program at Intigriti. The guidelines for responsible disclosure are available on the same page.

If the avenue of a public security program does not fit your circumstances, you may instead send an email with details of the vulnerability or incident to If you prefer a stronger and more private communication channel, please use our public PGP key to encrypt your message. 

  • Key ID: 0xB23A44D3
  • Valid until: 01/06/2023

We believe in responsible disclosure and appreciate researchers who will privately notify us of vulnerabilities and set reasonable time-frames for response and disclosure based on the severity of the issue. We believe this method provides the most secure environment for PortXchange and the Internet at large.

We aim to respond within 14 working days, to address verifiable security issues. When applicable, we will acknowledge your report, investigate the issue and commit to resolve the reported vulnerability as quickly as possible.

Hall of Fame

The following people provided tremendous value to our products by contributing to the security of PortXchange and our products: 

At this point, this hall is empty.