Pilot scheduling & vessel movement sharing platform

PilotTracker secures pilot information to flow effortlessly between maritime pilots, port community, and its customers — any time.

Simplify how you work and collaborate

Accurate pilot schedule information is the backbone of smooth and efficient port calls. But keeping everyone informed about the ever-changing schedule is a tedious task. PilotTracker eliminates manual work, and allows you to get everyone on the same page through less communication.

PilotTracker provides a centralized platform for sharing timely information and updates about planned and actual vessel movements at the port. It has never been easier to ensure that everyone has access to the data they need when they need it.

How can you benefit?

Improve efficiency

Provide real-time updates about planned and actual vessel movements via a digital online platform.

Better communication

Streamline communication through dynamic notifications on pilot status.

Enhance situational awareness

Improve visibility of operations with live vessel tracking.

Key features

Detailed list of movements 5 days in the past and 5 days in the future

Real-time pilot schedule and status

Automatic schedule updates

Pilot on board email notifications

Map view with live satellite AIS vessel tracking

“By partnering with PortXchange to offer PilotTracker we are giving our community members another tool for collaboration.”

Want also to improve collaboration through transparent sharing of pilot schedule information?