About Us

PortXchange provides innovative digital solutions to support shipping companies and port communities worldwide to become more efficient and reduce carbon footprint. It is founded under the belief that collaboration, digitization, and sustainability will shape the future of the shipping industry.

Our Story

PortXchange originates from Pronto – collaborative vessel and terminal planning platform – designed by Port of Rotterdam. Pronto has been used in Rotterdam since 2018, and various pilots have been conducted, with fantastic results.

After tremendous success in Rotterdam, it was decided to make the platform available to ports across the world. PortXchange, as an independent company, was established in 2019. Being neutral contributes to the aspiration of PortXchange to have a positive global impact. PortXchange encourages ports and shipping companies to collaborate to achieve just-in-time sailing and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

Together with strategic partners Shell and Maersk, PortXchange successfully conducted several pilots outside Rotterdam. As of 2020, PortXchange is used by more than 50 parties to support over 100 000 port calls.

PortXchange diverse and international team

Cultivating collaboration to transform the maritime shipping industry

Shipping is a global business. All links in the maritime logistics chain would benefit if they speak the same language and collaborate proactively. Our mission is to enable sustainable port calls worldwide – through innovation and efficient collaboration between shipping companies, agents, terminals, and port authorities.

Our solutions make us uniquely positioned to foster clear communication between all the parties. Our technologies, values, and global partnerships enable us to ensure that shared information is treated with the respect it deserves and used for the advantage of the entire maritime shipping industry. Not to mention our multidisciplinary team of engineers, maritime business consultants, and port operation specialists who drive our mission forward towards the green shipping industry.

Our leadership team


Jason van Amersfoort

Director of Product

Sjoerd de Jager co-founder PortXchange

Sjoerd de Jager

Managing Director


Pim Verkerk

Director of Engineering


Marian Maartense

HR Lead & Office Manager


Christian Behn

Chief Financial Officer

Our values

We always stay true to ourselves

We stand for transparency, authenticity, and trust. Our actions and words are consistent with our beliefs and values.

We have a passion that guides us

Our passion lies in creating and delivering value to our stakeholders and society at large. We strive to make our customers more efficient and the world around us greener.

We all think and act like owners

We take ownership and responsibility for our actions. And we are completely accountable for our own success or failure.

We never give up

Our commitment to quality is at the heart of what we do. We are persistent in delivering results to our stakeholders. No matter how hard it might get, we make it happen.

Together we can do so much more

We believe in togetherness and strong collaboration. Only as a team, we can make a sustained, positive impact on the maritime transport industry.

We challenge the status quo

Innovation is the core reason for our existence. We encourage everyone to think big and always keep exploring unconventional solutions to serve our customers even better.

Want to make a difference in a maritime logistics chain?