Sjoerd de Jager

Managing Director & Co-Founder PortXchange

Author bio

Sjoerd de Jager leads PortXchange, a Rotterdam-based company focusing on digital solutions for maritime logistics. Before starting PortXchange in 2018, he worked on the PRONTO project at the Port of Rotterdam, where he helped develop and spin off the business into what PortXchange is today. This effort was part of the port’s mission to globalize the Pronto Port Call Optimization  solution.

Before stepping into the maritime industry, Sjoerd founded several social enterprises and startups. He also worked in new business development for big companies like Phillips and DSM. He’s passionate about innovation, making industries more eco-friendly, and bringing startup energy to traditional sectors. Sjoerd is skilled at tackling complex problems and rallying people to collaborate. Now, he’s not just running his company; he’s also investing in new ideas.

Sjoerd has emerged as a key thought leader in maritime sustainability efforts. He’s a sought-after speaker, known for his insights into making the shipping industry more sustainable. His contributions are shaping the future of maritime logistics, emphasizing the importance of actionable decarbonization strategies. 

His academic background was highlighted by a cum laude graduation in Industrial Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Beyond the boardroom, Sjoerd is a devoted father to three sons. Though his free time is a rare treasure, he finds joy in kitesurfing and immerses himself in the pages of a good book whenever possible

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