Building Resilient Port Infrastructure 

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Ports have experienced increased trade frictions in the global transport system since the beginning of the pandemic. These frictions are driven by a complex combination of supply chain issues, changes to consumer demand, and a lack of investment in digital infrastructure in port communities.

In this webinar, we will be discussing how ports can overcome disruption and build resilient port infrastructure through digitization. You will also hear about the recent developments in the Port of Houston and how they have managed to overcome some of these challenges by collaborating together with PortXchange.

This session is organized by the American Association of Port Authorities together with Christine Schlenker, Vice President at the Greater Houston Port Bureau, and Capt. Abhishek Nair, Business Development Director at PortXchange.

Some of the key topics we tackle are:

  • Key challenges that push ports to become smart and digital
  • Main drivers and trends in the industry
  • How are we at PortXchange solving some of these problems and what is our vision going forward 
  • Port of Houston, as an economic driver for the region of Texas, the US, and globally.
  • Insights into the structure of the port, the complexity of operations, challenges & needs.
  • Creating trust and collaboration for resiliency
  • The implementation of PilotTracker and Synchronizer in the Port of Houston

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