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Port Call Optimization is a journey. We help in every step of this journey. Not sure where to start? Answer these questions, and we will help you make the right choice.

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PortXchange Synchronizer is offered in 3 different packages suitable for companies at different digital maturity stages. Select the package that meets your current needs.

PortXchange Synchronizer Essential

The transition towards digitalization in the maritime industry is accelerating. To secure efficient, sustainable operations and stay competitive, you need to adapt.

PortXchange Synchronizer Essential allows you to embark on a digital transformation journey today without investing much in infrastructure development. Benefit from our secure digital platform built on industry standards and with best-in-class technologies.

Who can benefit?

Port Authorities

Start gathering and visualizing your information in a digital environment


Get reliable ETA’s and see the vessels planned at your terminal in one platform.


Gain immediate access to information about the vessel’s location, direction of travel, speed, and more.

Key features

Secure digital platform to visualize own planning

Digitalize your planning and apply industry communication standards.

Free live satellite & terrestrial vessel tracking

Monitor vessels heading to your port on a live map.

ETA's and ETD's powered by Machine Learning

Take advantage of our Machine Learning predictions to optimize your operations and capacity planning.

How it works

More than a solution provider. PortXchange is your partner.

We understand that port call optimization requires change management. But you won’t walk this journey alone. We will guide and help you throughout the way.


Our Business Consultants will develop a personalized implementation plan to roll out PortXchange Synchronizer in your organization. Then provide training and support to maximize results.

Customer Support

Our friendly and experienced Support Team stands at your disposal to help you with all your technical questions


Our team has a unique mix of knowledge both from the maritime and technology worlds. Our ambition is to close the gap between these two industries by sharing our expertise with you through blogs, white papers, webinars

“Sometimes you sail too fast, so you reach the next port too early and need to anchor. This results in waiting times as well as in unnecessarily high fuel consumption. That’s why we want to know in advance how much time we have until the next port. Via PortXchange, we receive the information we need to reach the Port of Rotterdam just-in-time.”
“Consolidating port planning data into one central platform gives terminals, ships, and third-party service providers better predictability. The port of Houston is by far the busiest port in the U.S. Now, we want to be the most efficient.”
“Sharing information in an open and honest way is much more useful than just watching over the fence”

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