Port Call Optimization made easy

Lower CO2 emissions and improve port call predictability today

Around 30% of global shipping gets delayed while in port or between ports. What are you doing about this?

90 % of these delays cascade through the logistics chain, and result in wasting time, money, and fuel. Just imagine how much that adds to your costs.

Port call optimization powered by collaborative data sharing

PortXchange provides a centralized platform for sharing real-time data to align all players in the maritime logistics chain. It allows to avoid delays and make port calls more predictable, efficient, and sustainable.

Streamline operations

With real-time information sharing, shipping companies, agents, terminals, and port authorities can plan and execute their activities with unprecedented efficiency.

Decrease expenses

Seamless collaboration allows to optimize sailing speed for shipping companies, shorten waiting time for service providers, and boost asset utilization for ports.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Just-in-time sailing eliminates unnecessary early arrivals at the port, reduces anchor time, and enables the shipping industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

How you can make port calls more predictable, efficient, and sustainable with PortXchange

Create a single source of truth

Efficient collaboration is especially challenging when information about port call operations is spread across various systems, emails, and files. Different parties see fragmented information only regarding their operation times and lose sight of the bigger picture. This often is a cause of knock-on effect delays.

PortXchange improves collaboration by providing a single source of truth for all parties involved. Everyone has common situational awareness, and can precisely plan their activities.

Shared digital collaboration platform
Get the latest updates just in time

Get the latest updates on time

The status of events during a port call changes rapidly. Everyone needs to act quickly to avoid delays and idle time waste. But when you don’t know where to look for the updates, you cannot act upon a changing situation in time.

With PortXchange, you can respond much faster to unexpected situations. By receiving alerts when there is a status change or a planning conflict, you can adjust the schedule proactively and in a timely manner.

Keep all information at your fingertips

Port call operations involve a substantial number of parties. That is why constant communication and information exchange is critical for smooth planning and coordination.

With accurate information at your fingertips, you don’t have to waste time on numerous calls, faxes, or emails. You can monitor the planning in real-time and notify all the parties at once about changes on your end.

Effective collaboration sets entire maritime transport industry up for success

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Shipping Companies

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More than a solution provider. PortXchange is your partner.

We understand that port call optimization requires change management. But you won’t walk this journey alone. We will guide and help you throughout the way.


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“Sometimes you sail too fast, so you reach the next port too early and need to anchor. This results in waiting times as well as in unnecessarily high fuel consumption. That’s why we want to know in advance how much time we have until the next port. Via PortXchange, we receive the information we need to reach the Port of Rotterdam just-in-time.”
“Consolidating port planning data into one central platform gives terminals, ships, and third-party service providers better predictability. The port of Houston is by far the busiest port in the U.S. Now, we want to be the most efficient.”
“Sharing information in an open and honest way is much more useful than just watching over the fence”

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