Synchronizer: Seamless coordination between vessel and terminal availability

Synchronize and optimize your port approach using the latest terminal updates to ensure just-in-time arrivals.

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Maximize vessel and fleet performance through operational efficiency

Get the latest updates at your fingertips

With PortXchange Synchronizer, you’ll receive real-time berth planning updates, enabling you to make informed decisions and eliminate unnecessary idle time.

Get the latest updates just in time

Optimize your speed

Based on the latest ETA berth, PortXchange Synchronizer calculates optimal speed to reach pilot boarding place on time and proceed to the terminal upon arrival.

Unlock efficiency, save costs

By optimizing vessel speed and eliminating idle time on arrival, you  can reduce fuel consumption, emission footprint, and consequently cost savings.

How can you benefit from PortXchange Synchronizer?

Reliable scheduling

Align your fleet’s schedules with the latest update from the terminal to eliminate idle periods and improve overall operational efficiency.

Sustainable sailing​

Adopt environmentally responsible sailing practices such as just-in-time and reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Future-proof operations

Automate processes, increase your fleets’ performance and become more resilient to new environmental regulations.

Key features

Real-time terminal arrival updates

Berth visit details

Bunker fuel & emissions savings analysis

On-Demand JIT reports

Alerts on any planning deviances between different portcall stakeholders

Seamless integration through API

Data Authorization

“Sometimes you sail too fast, so you reach the next port too early and need to anchor. This results in waiting times as well as in unnecessarily high fuel consumption. That’s why we want to know in advance how much time we have until the next port. Via PortXchange, we receive the information we need to reach the Port of Rotterdam just-in-time.”

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Global network of connected ports

We strive to establish a global network of interconnected ports through data-sharing. Join existing implementations or access data from your preferred port.

Optimize your planning and set the course for greener shipping