Reduce shipping emissions and optimize your entire port stay

PortXchange Synchronizer for Carriers and Shipping Lines
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On average, ships may spend 5% to 10% of their time waiting to get in port. How much does this idling cost your shipping company?

When you arrive early at your port of call, you either drop anchor or maneuver at low speed. These early arrivals are inefficient and result in higher fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. With PortXchange Synchronizer, you get timely updates about your port call to optimize both your arrival time and overall port stay.

Reduce carbon footprint and be on time.

Container ships

Just-in-time sailing

Receive timely updates about the availability of berth, fairway, and nautical services to adjust your speed and arrive at the Pilot Boarding Place when the availability is ensured.

  • Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Eliminate delays in the schedule
  • Reduce overall stay at the dock

Bulkers and Tankers

Optimized turnaround time

Gain complete visibility over a port call and increase your planning flexibility to presume financial and environmental benefits.

  • Reduce idle time
  • Reduce demurrage costs
  • Decreased port rotation time

“Sometimes you sail too fast, so you reach the next port too early and need to anchor. This results in waiting times as well as in unnecessarily high fuel consumption. That’s why we want to know in advance how much time we have until the next port. Via PortXchange, we receive the information we need to reach the Port of Rotterdam just-in-time.”

Want to see how PortXchange can help you to optimize your planning and set the course for greener shipping?