Your next step towards port digitalization

PortXchange for Port Authority
Supporting over 100 000 port calls worldwide

Port digitalization is inevitable. Do you want to lead the digital transformation in the maritime logistics chain or follow it?

The logistics industry has more data than ever before, yet it’s distributed between different parties. As a port authority, you can facilitate information exchange and add more value to your supply chain partners. Provide a centralized point for sharing real-time data to align all players during the port call with PortXchange.

Make a wave – lead the digital innovation in maritime supply chains.

Enhance the competitiveness of your port

Facilitate JIT Arrivals by providing more accurate and reliable information about the availability of your services to shipping lines and charters.

Increase safety and reduce CO2 emissions in anchor areas

By sharing real-time data about your services’ availability, you can prevent port anchorage from filling up with ships, leading to lower collision risks and emissions level in the port area.

Optimize port processes

Efficient collaboration and exchange of timestamps enables you to plan more effectively the provision of the nautical services (pilots, tugs, linesmen) and berth capacity.

“Consolidating port planning data into one central platform gives terminals, ships, and third-party service providers better predictability. The port of Houston is by far the busiest port in the U.S. Now, we want to be the most efficient.”

Improve collaboration towards innovative and sustainable port