Stefana Sopco

Marketing Manager at PortXchange

Author bio

Marketing Manager at PortXchange, where our mission is to revolutionize shipping with green tech and drive ports towards a net-zero future. My focus lies in weaving the real-world narratives of how digital solutions can transform port operations and champion environmental stewardship.

Recognized as a Thought Leader in Port Sustainability and Climate Action, I bring a fresh perspective to the maritime sector’s sustainability dialogue.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am a fervent advocate for diversity and inclusion across maritime, supply chain, and tech industries. My work with Women In Tech NL, where I serve as Marketing Manager and Spokesperson, underscores my commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that empowers women to excel in technology.

My industry engagements extend to memberships with WISTA NL and Women In Tanks by StocExpo, platforms where I contribute to thought leadership and innovation. My contributions have been honored with the FortyUnder40 Award by Global Tank Storage Awards twice, and a nomination as a Responsible AI Leader by Women in AI NL.

Named among the Top 100 Worldwide Influencers in the Tank Storage Sector by Storage Terminals Magazine, I leverage my platform to inspire change and drive the narrative towards a more sustainable and inclusive future in the maritime industry.

Articles by Stefana

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