Sue Terpilowski

Shaping Maritime Excellence with Over 36 Years of Industry Insight

Author bio

With over 36 years of industry experience, Sue Terpilowski OBE is a pioneering force in logistics, freight and maritime affairs. As the founder of Image Line Communications, she has redefined PR and marketing in the sector. 

Sue’s credentials speak volumes: A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), Public Affairs and Policy Chair for CILT and Vice Chair for CILT’s Ports, Maritime, and Waterways Sector Group.

Her influence extends globally. She serves as the press officer for WISTA International, executive editor of SeaNews and the driving force behind the Women in Transport Equity Index.

A sought-after speaker, Sue’s expertise is often heard at premier events, including Intermodal and TOC Europe. She’s a familiar face on BBC News, Radio 4 and BBC 5Live, offering insights on maritime hot topics like the Panama Canal and Red Sea situations.

Articles by Sue

Maritime Decarbonization: Ports and Green Shipping Regulations in Europe

Maritime Decarbonization: Ports and Green Shipping Regulations in Europe

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