Accelerating productivity through digitalization and data-sharing between pilots and the port community

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In recent years we have witnessed how the maritime industry started integrating digital technologies into the operational processes to enhance efficiency. Going digital means leaving behind old manual processes and technologies in favor of automation and innovation. This largely involves real-time information exchange for data-driven decisions and the ability to collaborate digitally.

During this webinar, we discuss the most recent digitalization project in the port of Rotterdam and Houston and how they foster collaboration between the marine pilots and the port community. 

Watch this webinar to learn from the industry leaders:

“Information sharing in the harbour ECO system of Rotterdam” by Elco Oskam

Project in the spotlight
Since 2015 the Rotterdam Pilots started to digitalize their processes internal and external in close cooperation with the other nautical service providers in order to optimize the planning and operational process.

During this webinar Elco will address:

  • Need for combined planning of the nautical resources (Pilots, Towage, Boatmen, Harbour Master).
  • Sharing information in the chain. 
  • Digitalization and insights, from incident-driven towards data-driven decision-making.

 “How port businesses will run in 5 years, and why you should start preparing for a change now” by Christine Schlenker

Project in the spotlight
In 2022 the Greater Houston Port Bureau, in collaboration with Houston Pilots and PortXchange, has rolled out PilotTracker – the platform that provides real-time pilot scheduling and vessel movement information.

During this webinar Christine will address:

  • Need for sharing real-time pilot scheduling and vessel movement information.
  • From in-house developed platform Harborlights to 3rd party application PilotTracker.
  • Benefits of transparent information exchange. 

Watch this webinar