How to comply  with CII through efficiency optimization

Webinar on demand

To overcome climate change, global shipping has a long way to go and we need to bring everyone together to deliver on the Paris Agreement and the IMO goals. With the introduction of new regulations such as the CII, many shipping companies realize they need to make significant changes to the way they operate to adjust to these new requirements.

However, various factors that can affect a ship’s rating are out of a ship owner’s control, from weather conditions to port waiting times and infrastructure.

In this webinar, we bring industry experts to discuss how the maritime industry can adapt and comply with new regulatory changes:

We will tackle the following key topics:

  • Introduction to the CII regulation and its requirements
  • How can the industry adapt and comply with new regulatory changes?
  • How does just-in-time fits into the new CII regulation?
  • Case studies and best practices on how efficiency measures contribute to improving the CII score
  • How technology contributes to supporting the transition to new regulations and how the maritime industry can benefit from it.

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